Cosmetic Dentistry

Draver Dental is here to make you look your best. A brilliant smile isn’t out of reach.

Teeth Whitening

In an easy, two appointment process, Draver Dental gives you the tools to achieve your best smile. Let us take impressions of your teeth, provide you with whitening trays and gels, and send you off to whiten in the comfort of your own home. In just one week, your smile will be brighter, and touch-ups for big events are simple.


The aesthetics of your smile are important, and with veneers, you can protect your tooth's surface while enhancing its appearance. Veneers provide an esthetic option that is more conservative than a full crown.

Dentures & Partials

When implants don't fit a patient's plan of care, dentures or partials is an alternate solution. Both dentures and partials are constructed to replace missing teeth and fit over your gums.

Sports Trauma Injury Management

If you break or damage teeth during sports injuries, Dr. Draver can help evaluate and treat your injuries, or coordinate more detailed treatment with our team of local oral surgeons. Dr. Draver has specialized sports dentistry training and continues to expand her knowledge while working with the Admirals hockey team.


“Draver Dental is very patient with my kids and we enjoy the staff as well. A very welcoming atmosphere my family will continue to come back to!”

Sara L.