Restorative Dentistry

Letting Draver Dental restore your smile goes beyond a renewed sense of confidence. We work every day to provide a comfortable, approachable, and trusting environment. Put your smile in our hands. 


Acting as an anchor for a brand new tooth, dental implants are a long-term, reliable solution to keeping your bright smile intact. During surgery, an implant is placed within your jaw bone to act as a foundation for the tooth that will later be cemented in after healing. Implants not only give you peace of mind, but also the ability to comfortably eat and communicate.

Also, Dr. Draver works closely with experienced oral surgeons to coordinate the placement and restoration of implants. Once the implant is placed by the surgeon and heals, Dr. Draver will fabricate the crown that is attached to the implant.


"Crowns are a solution to restoring a damaged tooth to its original form. After a tooth breaks, a filling breaks or you've had a root canal, crowns capture essential qualities of real teeth like strength, shape, and size. Impressions of your teeth are taken before and after shaving the damaged tooth down, and a tooth-shaped cap is cemented over it for a natural, beautiful look.

Dr. Draver works with the best dental laboratories to make custom crowns with the highest strength and esthetics to beautiful restoring missing or damaged tooth structure. Crowns require two appointments about two weeks apart. "


When teeth are damaged by decay, Draver Dental can provide you top-of-the-line care. Made out of composite resin, a gel that hardens to fill cavities, dental fillings are often matched to the shade of your tooth to ensure a clean, attractive look post-repair. Silver fillings are also a trusted solution to repairing teeth and are frequently used in the back of the mouth.