Teeth whitening services with Philips Zoom kits

by | June 27, 2022 | TMJ4 Morning Blend

From whitening toothpastes to LED lights, to whitening strips, it can be confusing to navigate teeth whitening. Whitening products are excellent tools to achieve a sparkling smile, but they can also cause tooth sensitivity and gingival irritation. Working with your dentist prior to whitening can give you the information and resources you need to successfully and safely whiten your teeth — whether you choose to use over-the-counter products or professional whitening.

Before whitening, you should have an evaluation by your dentist to ensure that you are a good candidate and that your gums and teeth are healthy. Your team at Draver Dental can also recommend the best whitening option for your smile. You may not even realize you have fillings or crowns on your front teeth, which will not lighten with whitening. Different types of stains can also require adjustments in whitening length. Working with your dentist allows you to select the most appropriate type of whitening to fit your needs and current dental health.

At Draver Dental, we proudly offer Philips Zoom whitening take-home kits. Philips Zoom whitening is a high-quality and well-tested product. Our take-home kits provide you with whitening gel and customized trays so you can increase the contact time of gel to your teeth. and minimize contact with your tissue. Zoom whitening gel also includes ingredients such as ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which helps reduce sensitivity. In two weeks, Zoom take-home kits can safely lighten your smile up to 8 shades with minimal sensitivity.

Over-the-counter strips can be an effective, less expensive tool. If you opt for over-the-counter, the quality does matter. Typically brands like Crest or Colgate have higher quality control, but over-the-counter products are not as strong as professional whitening.

Some over-the-counter companies advertise LED lights, whitening pens, or whitening toothpaste. These products can help lighten somewhat, but will not yield the same results as Philips Zoom take-home kits or whitening strips. For a toothpaste to be labeled as “whitening” it just needs to lighten your teeth two shades, whereas Philips Zoom can whiten 8 to 10 shades!

Whether you choose professional or over-the-counter whitening, there are two main side effects of whitening. The most common side effect is tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, teeth rebound very well from whitening and the sensitivity is transient. The Draver Dental team can recommend how to manage and reduce sensitivity. Gingival irritation can also occur. The customized trays for professional whitening help to decrease contact of gel to the tissue, reducing gingival irritation.

There are many types of whitening options available to fit your custom needs. Make an appointment today to talk with the Draver Dental team about whitening options that can make your smile sparkle!

The video segment above featuring Dr. Hannah Draver and Stephanie Brown originally aired on June 27, 2022 during The Morning Blend on Milwaukee’s TMJ4.